Meet the Fifties Chix

When we first meet Mary, Judy, Maxine, Beverly and Ann in 1955, they aren’t exactly friends! Their social studies teacher, Miss Boggs, assigns them a class project: to predict what life will be like fifty-five years into the future. Reluctantly, they join forces, but they each can’t wait until the “travel to tomorrow” assignment is over so they can go back to their own lives. Only one little hitch…the day after their project, they wake up in 2010! Each Fifties Chix has a talisman that symbolizes a special talent that each one needs to navigate their new world and help them find their way back “home” to 1955.

Find out here how the Fifties Chix are so different from each other and what their individual talismans are. Who are you most like? What would your talisman be?

Meet studious and loyal Mary here.

Find out more about high-spirited perky Judy.

Get to know thoughtful and courageous Maxine.

Beverly is a plucky tomboy with a secret. Find out more.

Discover more about artistic Ann and her remarkable family history.