Meet Emily

Meet Emily!

Emily Jackson is Marion Boggs' (the Fifties Chix' teacher) best high school friend in 1945. Before she was even one year old, Emily lost her parents in a car accident and she was adopted by her grandparents.

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. As we introduce Emily and share her and the Fifties Chix' author's stories of adoption (read Angela's story here), we invite you to share a picture of you and your family if you or a loved one are adopted. Just email us the picture, we'll post it here and you will be eligible to win one copy each of Travel to Tomorrow and Keeping Secrets! To submit your adoption picture, email to us here and we will post it on this page.

Here's the author (that's me, Angela) with my biological parents and my adopted dad! Share a pic of your family!

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